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Dress 103


Latin and Rhythm routines are known for the passion and excitement that they express and this dress fits the vibe of the dance perfectly. As with all of our dresses for sale, this Latin and Rhythm piece speaks to the bold and daring nature of the dancer that wears it. This dress will bring to life all of the emotion and passion that you have put into your routine and will create the perfect casing to present your talent. Searching for a ballroom dress for sale can be a very exciting but very exhausting process, which is why we want to provide you the opportunity to choose from our unique and creative designs.


Have you ever been in one of those dresses while you are dancing that just picks your energy level up and has you beaming with confidence? One of the reasons looking for your Latin/Rhythm dancing dress is so enjoyable is because it gives you a chance to try out each look and find the one that makes your feel like a star. When you look and feel great, you are able to give the dance your whole heart and set yourself apart from everyone else on the floor.


This dress is perfect for someone looking to make a splash, with a gorgeous open-back design and incredible colors that catch the eyes of everyone in the room. Are you looking for the best way to own the dancefloor with your ballroom dress? This dress and all of our ballroom dresses for sale are made of the finest fabrics, and give you a professional dance look for every competition. With prices that will keep your wallet as happy as your dance partner when they see how amazing you look in this dress, what’s not to love about this unique Latin/Rhythm dress design?


At every recital and competition, you are in need of dresses that show off how you move, and this Latin/Rhythm ballroom dress for sale will show you off in the best way. It’s comfortable and fluid design and high-end fabrics making your dancing comfortable while giving you the ability to impress with its top of the line fashion chops. With a beautiful flow to show off your legs as you gracefully float across the floor, this dress is the ultimate piece of fashion to feature you in your routine. This dress makes a statement, and it is a statement competition judges hear loud and clear.


If you are looking for the perfect place to find ballroom dresses for sale for Latin/Rhythm and Standard then we have the perfect selection of designer dresses that will take you to the next level. Your attire is never something to overlook when dancing professionally or competitively, and that is why you will gain so much from our unique designer looks. Call us today and learn about what dresses we have available in addition to this amazing design so that you can try some on and pick out the perfect look for your next comp.

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