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Dress 108


Smooth Ballroom dance is all about class and elegance. That is what this unique designer smooth ballroom dress preaches as you wear it, and it is a sermon that the judges will be hanging on every word of as you dance. All the ballroom dresses for sale in our collection are one of a kind designer looks that you will not find in a store or be able to find when searching ballroom dresses to rent. These designs are as unique as the individual dancing in them and you know that individuality is the best way to stand out against the competition on the dancefloor.


The gorgeous colors and floral design on this smooth ballroom gown and its layers that provide smooth flowing movement during your performance make it the ideal competition gown. The way we know that our dresses are the best for professional and amateur ballroom dancers is because we spend our time invested in the business. So much of our time is spent with dancers at competitions, learning from them, watching them excel, and planning out the perfect dress designs to make them shine. Each of the dresses in our collection are designed with competition in mind so that you get optimal performance with our incredible style.


This dress rivals any of the top designs you find from Swarovski and other top brands of designer ballroom competition dresses and with our resale, you get incredible value. The feeling of a spectacular Smooth ballroom dress when you first try it on is up there with the feeling of walking out on to the dancefloor. When you try on this incredible dress, we are certain that you are going to get the tingly feeling that inspires all of us in the ballroom dance world.


With the incredible contrasting sides and beautiful patterns, this dress will truly stand out against the crowd and allow your routine to draw the judges in throughout the dance. As with all of our ballroom dress designs, this is a designer look that cannot be found anywhere else. Creativity and passion is exuded through this smooth ballroom dress and will bring out the best in any amateur or professional dancer during their performance. It is truly spectacular to watch a dancer that is able to step out onto the floor knowing that they look as spectacular as they feel. We know how much work you put into your Smooth ballroom dance routine, and that is why we want you to have a dress that matches your effort.


If you have been in search of a dress that gives you the high class look of a top brand, then check out our variety of amazing designs. Each of the dresses in our collection are unique and will provide that special difference maker for you during your competitive ballroom dance routine. Be sure to check them out and contact us to purchase your own designer ballroom gown from us before your next competition.

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