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Dress 109


Coming to you from the heart of Nashvegas, our incredible ballroom dance dresses for sale are designed for the best performance and style for Smooth, Standard, Latin and Rhythm dances. This inspiring design for a top Latin/Rhythm dress for competition will be sure to take your already incredible performance to new heights. With the most intricate sequin patterning, and the perfect flow to show off your Latin or Rhythm routine, there is no way to miss the dancer sporting this fantastic look. When you have a dress like this on, the crowd and the judges will be drawn to the talent and hard work that you have put into your dance. This is something that you cannot get from a generic Latin dress rental, only from a one of a kind designer ballroom dress.


In our years working with the top Latin/Rhythm competition dancers, we have soaked in all of their knowledge and insight to create the best selection of ballroom gowns. All of the dresses for sale in our collection are absolutely stunning, but they are also created for optimal dance performances. There is nothing like the feeling of trying on different dresses to find the one that speaks to you. With this Latin/Rhythm dress for sale from us, we know that you are going to feel ready to take on the world at your next competition. If you are in search of a dress to help take your routine to the next level and wow the judges, this is a great choice for you.


Do you remember the first time that you stepped out onto the floor and knew that you were going to nail your routine because of all of the hard work you put into it? Trying on this dress for the first time will give you that same level of confidence and drive to be the best Latin dancer on the floor. There is no substitute for the style and performance of our designer ballroom gowns. With this superb design, we are sure that you will feel great, look great, and absolutely stun everyone with your dance.


It has never been easier to get a top end design for your next competition. With our resale of dresses here through the Ballroom of Nashville, you get the best deal on one of a kind dresses for everything from Standard to Rhythm competition. All you ever wanted in a dress is now available with our collection of amazing designs and at the best bang for your buck. If you want to show up to your next comp with a style that will blow the competition away, all you have to do is give us a call or email us about one of our amazing competition dresses. This Latin/Rhythm gown is sure to be a hot commodity with everyone in the dance community, so give us a call right away to make sure you get the first shot at being the one to wear it. 

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